A Brief About

The Glute Station

The Glute Station is a boutique training facility designed around getting the ultimate workout for your Glutes.

Now being in an era where the shift has gone from wanting a small bum and a thigh gap...to now wanting strong, big glutes and toned legs.

You will now see all over the gym and social media so many people working glutes in every way they possibly can in the pursuit of the 'Perfect Set of Glutes!!!'. However this is not all we focus on as we also put a large focus on the rest of the lower body and core.

So here at The Glute Station we bring to you a Studio that answers all of your prayers and training needs. We have carefully selected and bought some of the best equipment in the World...including machines from Nautilus, Watson, Dynavec, Booty Builder and Hoist.

With 2 of the best Hip Thruster machines available on the market today...the Glute Drive by Nautilus and the Booty Builder Platinum, The famous Gluteator by Dynavec, a Watson Pendulum squat, A Deluxe Reverse Hyper machine, True Composite Glute Press, Hoist Glute Master Kickback and many more awesome Glute machines to enjoy.

We are the only training facility in Australia to have all of these machines in 1 place.

How can we help you? We have 3 divisions and cater for everyone and anyone, the Divisions include –

  • The Performance Division
  • The Growth Division
  • The Rehab Division

For anyone wanting to join into the ultimate group classes, we offer morning, lunch and evening classes, aswell as normal use of the studio, 1-1 PT, Rehab and Private Hire.